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What are Angel Numbers?

Angel Numbers are a symbol of Magickal Proprietorship in order to understand and/or take action within your past present or future environments. Angel Numbers bring validations and greater understandings of matters within Heart, Soul, and Mind thru double, triple, quadruple digits...Signs of Synchronocities 

The Wandering History of Angel Numbers

     The truth is, I have still yet to come across the most definite answer on where Angel Numbers come from. The best I could find and most eldest material on this specific subject is Doreen Virtue. To most, the history of numbers lies with Pythogrean Theories. Personally I find this is a  fairly new feature of Soul Recognition. Triple digits are much more common to see in everyday life as oppose to days of horse and carriage. It is all over the freeways from exits to license plates. Triple numbers are on our phones and advertising screens. The time carries triple numbers as well as the famous 11:11. 

     There is also seperate systems of numerology that bring attention to our well being beyond Angel Numbers. Angel Numbers are a great start to taking initiatives on synchronicities and experiences within our everyday being. The more that we exercise this programming in recognition, the easier it will be to understand what the Universe, Spirit, and our Soul is trying to say. 

How to Use Angel Numbers

     In most cases Angel Numbers may enter your life when you are prepared to see the synchronizations within the reality of building rapport with Soul. In lamens terms, when you are ready to see signs, the signs will appear. An idea of taking recognition is when you see the Angel Number, immediately take account of what is truly on your mind or what may be a tangible conversation. In turn, immediately research what the number means. Generally the meaning will likely serve purpose to what is subjected within your current reality.

      An example would be having a very hard time with your current work and living environment. You just feel like you are struggling with other people and am experiencing anxieties in simple conversations. You start questioning as to why you struggle with communication. Then one day you see 444 on a picture that you walk past several times within a working shift. The beauty is, that you have worked there for years and have yet to ever take notice to seeing 444. You decide to look up the 444 meaning and the first meaning that you find states that, "Your angels are with you." Within a few days, you notice that your relationships change for what seems to be no reason at all. It is much easier to say no or to stand your ground. You are able to communicate with others and others are able to communicate with you without any irritation. As a matter of fact your life clears where you are able to furnish greater changes in health and personal restoration because you are not worried of communicatinfg with others any longer. This is a very short example of how Angel Numbers work. 

     The following are some examples of the meaning behind angel numbers that I practice personally. In truth there may be multiple reasonings behind an Angel Number. There are many informative websites that draw out the meaning behind Angel Numbers. 


Start Manifesting. Allow new ideas to come thru.k Believe in ideas that you have. New Begginings are coming, It is time to start a new beginning. 


Source, Spirit, God is with you. Believe and Trust in the process.  You are under protection of Greater Spirit. You have choices. You have chosen your path. 


Find balance. Clear your energy. Commuting, Communication or gathering. 


Your Angels or Guides are with you. You are looked over. You do not have anything more that you need to be doing at this time. 


Sudden Changes. Take hold of your emotions.


Time to get organized. Be more alert. Creativiity is coming thru.


It is a time of going deep within to reach a greater understanding. Magick is about to manifest.


Great Sign of Power in monetary and business. Taking action on mental, physical, and spiritual health.


Manifestations coming to a full understanding. A time to let go and humble yourself. Teaching or serving great purpose. 


Opening new doors. Entering into a new dimension of being. 


Taking new steps to new progressions of life.

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