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What is Astrology?

the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects

-Merriam Webster

The Wandering History on Astrology

     Astrology has been known for many centuries and is by far one of the oldest tools of divination. For Astrology is claimed to have existed before Astronomy. The actions of others within themselves and the outer responses throughout the communities was taken notice and noted before the writings of the stars by ways of Astronomy. One of the first major historic references is Claudius Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos 2nd Century AD. It is a writing on the Human Characteristics as well as the Souls. The writings on the Conscious as well as the Subconscious through astrological forecasting was taught in many European Universities throughout history. If you knew astrology, you were considered educated during many centuries of the past. References of proof in Astrology is dated back as far as 2nd Millennia BC. The Chinese and Mayan are only two of many cultures whom were well invested into higher understandings of seasons, farming, and prophecies. It is believed by many sources that Western astrology, (today's modern Astrology), is dated at the time period of 19th to 17th Century BC. Astrology is considered the most used understanding in Divinatory Teachings. Astrological Readings are used for many purposes to this day.

      A great example is the Farmers Almanac. Astrology is used to understand timings that are best  for planting as well as hunting and fishing. There is also the Zodiac Man located within the pages of this informative book. The Zodiac man may be used for times of pain within the body as well as a better understanding of the emotions that contribute to our very own diseases. The possibilities are endless in understanding what our hearts and minds are trying to tell us through Astrological means, and how our physicality reacts to such. Pay attention to your thoughts and research what the planetary systems are saying. You may find this to be a much better understanding of what is going on inside your mind, as well as your physical body, and the people that you socialize with on a daily basis.



Before modernized anatomy, the Zodiac man was used in medicine. There are four main humors used at the time of middle ages. These humors separated into four levels of bodily fluid within the twelve categories of astrology. The humors are phlegm, yellow bile, blood, and black bile. Based from what the section with the zodiac sign on the body contains is what 


would classify the illness or disease through the type of bodily fluid. This form of diagnosis was used long before our modern days of medicine. Without the Zodiac Man, there would not be the understandings in medicine that scientists, doctors, nutritionists, and healers, (among many others), use today. 

How Does Astrology Work?

      The science behind Astrology plays a significant role in how Astrology works. It is a structure of frequencies that are powerful enough to reach our planets system. The Earth carries a frequency of around 7hz. The earths low tone has the capacity of healing our own bodies. We are made up of the same ingredients that our own earth is made of. When we are at the beach for the day, listening to the water shore  creates a good feeling within our bodies and minds. In some cases, counselors, physicians, and scientists use sound waves through specific levels of frequencies to obtain an enrichment of the mind. Another great example is to understand the relationship in how the moon moves our oceans. Without the moon we would not have waves to dedicate growth within its ecosystem. If the moon moves water, and us humans are made up of mostly water, it only makes sense that the moon shifts our very own personal ecosystem within our bodies. This is how the planets of our very own Universe provide different feels. Some planets and moons bring out a more protective field within our soul being, while other planets and moons bring levels of comfort and joy.

     Many of us have been through a situation where we walk into a room with high tension and a questioning comes to mind along the lines of "What is this feeling in the air?" This is due to the frequencies that our minds are feeding into through thought forms. OR Imagine walking into a beautiful magical scene in the woods or a celebration and you get good feelings throughout your body and mind. This is a frequency that our bodies perspire through a positive happening. In science, it is proven that frequencies through feeling and sound effects our daily lives. It is just the ability to personally research the infinite information that is provided on frequencies through the planetary systems. The only bereavement stopping us from learning information of any kind is ourselves. 



There are many Astrology Cheat Sheets available online. Just simply do the research and follow what best suits you.

How To Use Astrology

      There are many ways to find out about your astrological forecast. You may go online, look in the local newspaper/magazine, or research your very own personal birth chart. The purpose is to be educated and aware of your actions as well as others. Astrology is a tool that is frequency based.  Frequencies effect whom we are, how we react, and how we feel on all levels. It is our auric bodies reacting to the surrounding frequencies. 

     The information on Astrology is infinite. For years, I personally have tried to pick up on Astrology. I bought a pocket Astrology book and from time to time, I would journal what has been going on with myself and others externally and internally. From there, I look at how people treat themselves and others and what their sign is. Planets do not excite me much, my preferences of learning is by means of the reactions and emotions. What someones physicality's are and what is on their minds. My memory instills with picking up or researching a book that involves my passions in Astrology. There are books that would reveal Love and Astrology, or Money and Astrology. I found books to research how long you will live by means of his or her astrological chart. I also learned facial features and how a man or women is physically built through their day of birth. 

     The recommendation here is when learning Astrology, you may like to ask yourself of what satisfies a major interest in life. Health? Money? Spirituality? When being entertained, it is easier to pick up on what you are trying to learn and the knowledge will sink into your memory more securely.


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