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Nothing More than Feelings for September 2022

Posted 9/8/2022

     As a collective we are definitely going thru changes and experiences. The body does speak. Many people are removing physical imprinting within the body. Over the course of this summer, we released lots of emotional baggage of our past. The truth is, now we have to release it from our bodies.

     This is a good time to settle in and indulge in some alone time for a bit. Redirect your energy thru means of balance. Exercise, reading, eating better, yoga, gentle walks. Fill your cup so you can continue life.... fully. It is not a time to make huge changes or quit habits. That will be more so this October. Instead, be observant and do not be so hard on yourself. Acclimate to the differences of you and your immediate environment by staying put and be observant as oppose of acting on something that may not make much sense or is confusing. In most cases, when we are battling inside over a subject to do with family, home, and business, it is best to set it down until you can calmly pick up that subject again to see it more clearer. If you need rest, get rest, if you need salt, eat salt. The ideal is to release what is in our nervous system and meridians. Quiet time, gentle walks, breath work, chanting, frequencies are all some things that can help alleviate some of the aches and pains. Alchemy is a great method. Alchemy is when you are finding new ways to heal. It is about balance. Many people are experiencing




*Body Buzzing

*Muscle Cramps

*Back Pain

*Feeling Antsy (Not being able to hold still)

*Illness (cold/flu)

     *I am not a Doctor. As always, please see a professional if you feel you need to.

     Lastly, pay attention to your dreams. The dream state has opened up for many people. In Modern Magick, By Donald Michael Craig, he has stated that we dream for 4 basic reasons. Either we are recieving a gentle message from the soul, we need to play, or we need to face a fear and release it. The fourth is two or more of these ideals put together. A great dream guide I have come across for free is

     Simply Google your dream if you desire to do so by typing what you saw in your dream and typing 'dream meaning' thereafter. Lets say I saw a red car in my dream along with an open field on an empty highway and recall being surrounded by food and fireflies. My research would entail:

"Red Car Dream Meaning"

"FireFly Dream Meaning"

"Open Field Dream Meaning"

"Empty Highway dream Meaning"

"Food Dream Meaning"

     I am most positive that you get the point. The article below this one explains the shift that is happening at this time for the month of September. Stay true to you. That is what this is all about. Stay positive, balanced, and grounded over the next few months. I hope this helps. Best to You and Yours. Be well. Take Care. Thank You for Your Support.

Accept, Adapt, Overcome September 2022 

Posted 8/29/2022

     So many changes have so many people collectively. Should your heart be dying inside, please hang on because that only means that rebirth is around the corner. Nothing stays the same friends, and is always ever changing. There has been so much released for so many of us. The Pluto Retrograde has truly served its purpose in ways that could not have been imagined. This is where we lose people, ideals, and parts of our lives that truly do not serve personal purpose. In the line of work I do, many have been struggling, while others recognize that they need to initiate change thru stronger ranges of frequency and in turn it raises their vibration. This eventually leads to the changes being fully accepted and then comes peace of mind....regardless of what is happening around you.

In the past few months, I have been truly sharing the message to be only where you are loved and accepted. To only go where it feels good. 

     For the month of September, many people on a collective level are going to see where they stand in life. In family. In home, as well as business. This is so we can feed this Jupiter Rx we have been in since July. It lasts to the end of November and is relieving us of a delusional lifestyle. Getting rid of the pipe dreams and fantasies that are not realistic externally. This may be difficult because it may have been ideals that you wanted but are not serving your higher purpose. Finances and Personal beliefs are to be restructured through this change. You will no longer be living in a lie but be more grounded in purpose and reality. 

      A change in perception will be needed in order for things to be coming together. Especially with Love and Emotions. Please remember that you are brilliant. You are needed. We all serve, we all struggle, but we all have the capacity to Love Undyingly. The beginning of September may be a difficult but by mid month, you will find the changes that need to be made. Take the time to be observant of your thoughts instead of judging them. Speak to yourself the same way you speak to your Loved Ones. That is how important you truly are. Acceptance allows the energies to move through you at this time. 

     From 9/9/22 to 10/2/22 We will have the following planets stationed in retrogrades. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Uranus, and Mercury. Retrogrades allow us to go back and look at what changes have not been initiated when there was possibly more that can be done. This will be a great time to be spending some time in Nature with yourself and Channeling in the energies of self talk OR with Source. However you may see it. 

     The New moon at the end of August actually brought on some difficult times with inner frustrations. This happened on the 27th. This is where personal liberation came in at an all time high. People may have been sad or had anxiety. Fights may have sprung up. That is ok because it truly showed where we stand. If you dislike parts of you, this coming month of September is really going to help you align into a much better place. The Supermoons helped us align into a more comfortable place externally, but there is much work to be done within and thru this working, you will find where you truly stand. Perhaps your Ego could be knocked down a couple of notches, or you realized that exercise and diet is much more effective than what you could have ever imagined. Through a more structured and healthier lifestyle you will be more aware of personal gifts and how close you may be with the subconscious mind. 

     Overall for the month of September, accept changes. Look at the small struggles as if it is a small child misbehaving, yet unaware it is doing anything wrong. When treating your emotions in such ways, you are able to accept and return to authentic being. By the end of the month there will be much more clarity in the changes to be initiated. Be ok with you for a bit. I hope this helps. Thank you so much for all the support from All. I honor you as you honor us. Be at peace. Be well. Take care for now. 

The Truth is..... August Energy 2022

Posted 8/12/22

     There are going to be some things that bother you, but it is not yours to change. There are going to be some stirrings of the mind that take you out of present moment....allow them to pass the same way that clouds move in the sky then come back to present space. There may be a big plan or expectations. The truth is there are not many changes that are in our hands at this point. Especially if you have done just about everything possible for that subject, person, place or thing. It is now in the hands of the Matrix and our ONE Energy as well as God. 

     Instead, should there be any work to be done this month, it is on personal reflection and what we can do to better our personal well being and our lives. Get healthy, get strong, get knowledge, and you will find you will get upgraded. Stay the same and you will find yourself charging your tail in circles. The waves of anxiety that has stunned the collective over these past few months is to bring us forward without taking the residuals of the past with us. The test is to trust the process, dont give up, and find outlets that better your personal well being. Let people go that are not for you. Be where you feel good and welcomed. STOP JUDGING OTHERS PLEASE!! This is called mindfullness. We all come with a circus and monkeys. I tame mine and you tame yours and that is it. 

     As for healing, many have been finding a vast of love within silence in nature, or a lover, or family/friend. Breath and smile deeply in these moments. Try calculating the essence that you feel around you. Try something different for your self, or switch a routine, because many changes are coming for many people by the end of this month. This may help you see the shift from a different perception. An example is, if you listen to music loudly in the shower, try no music. If you are a last minute person, get ready early, and then relax. If you clean the house in silence, try singing and dancing while picking up your space.

       We are all heading to more confidence or truths about our confidence. Many people have been knocked down many knotches these past few years. They are to receive a return and to head towards a new direction. For those that knocked others down a few notches with confidence. These people will get a gentle wake up call from now thru December 2022. Know Thyself, You will know others. I hope this helps and wish the best for your Journey and what is to come.

"Ask and You Shall Receive, Seek and You Shall Find"

 Full Moon Energy Posted 7/11/2022

     There is a balance that is coming into play for many. The trick simply speak aloud so you may be heard. Sppeak up to someone whether it be a friend or stranger. There are ears all around us, all the time. Sometimes we are so blocked that we feel we are unheard within our prayers and that can lead to self destructiveness. Redact it thru delagation. If you think about it, the collective has really been learning to express ourselves in many ways since November of 2021. Thru this comes validation of what we identify and in some cases what we do not identify with. Our authentic selves cannot reach heights without learning how to speak up in our beliefs. If you believe in something, is it wrong? If you have an emotion or something frightening happening to you, is it not valid because others do not feel or experience its presence? In truth it is always real because it is YOUR REALITY. Is that not valid enough? Speak up, to the moon, to others. Ask for answers, clarity, peace. This Moon is in Capricorn and (Saturn is a major ruler of this zodiac) which means learning thru hard truth and disciplines. If you are learning, then listen. If you are progressing then take steps forward. Seek your own Justice by flagging your truths. This is how healing will come by the beginning of August....many things are going to be aligning with this coming Lions Gate on 8/8. Be well.

Let's Get Started! Full Super Moon for July 13th Posted 7/7/2022

     Currently or in recent past, many people have been forced into changes that lead to recognition. As stated in previous posts, Change is Eminent in the beginning of June. That was around the time of the New Moon leading to the First Super Moon of Three Super Moons taking place in July and August as well. Clearing, Cutting, and Drying the mind has been the name of the game for the Collective as a whole. Whether it be Work, Home, Healing, Connecting or Releasing, these changes that we have to make is releasing Fears of the past. In order to do this, we have to CHANGE. 

How do we change? 

     Clarity is key. How do you see truth when there is no clarity. If there is no peace around you, you will find many directions of One ideal. Sometimes we need to Jump thru the hoops of our experiences instead of battling the existence that is taking over inside ourselves and leaking to our surroundings. Serve your needs, write a list to check off. Listen to your favorite songs. Sit and listen to the air, fire, earth, or water. If you are a busy person, take time in the stillness. if you are a still person, take action and put yourself into family, friends, or socialize. 

     If there is something that is screaming inside, maybe you could seek out energetic clearing. The Chakra Page, Frequency Page 

and Entity Page may help you manage right in the comfort of your home. When you are not feeling yourself, it generally means there is a source around you that needs to be cleared. 

     These 3 SuperMoons that have been taking action in our lives mean heightened experiences to push you forward. It will claim a puzzle being put back together  by the end of August after someone handed you a box of the pieces all the while shaking the shit out of it. It is to be slow. Puzzles take time. These past few months have brought on exchanges of energy that have been leading to what is NOW. All the while slowly receiving. So many have expressed that they do not feel the same. It is because they are realigning to a new way of being. Change can be hard, and my heart truly goes to you that resonate with this post. I hope this Helps, Be Well.

Mid Month Hidden Treasures of ReProgramming posted 6/18/2022

     Energetically speaking, it is a great moment for tolerance and acceptance. Should there be anxiety, irritability, or just being annoyed, take a moment to look around and address your environmnet. Tolerance can bring an aura that stands like teflon. Smile. Try not to feel envious. This is going to be a lesson for many around the corner. Instead try to undress your emotions and resolve it by understanding how you can outgrow this situation. Smile and nod and just keep looking forward. 

     Silence brings clarity, clarity brings truth, truth brings action.  

     With the New Moon Energy coming in, we will have a clearer picture of what we are getting ourselves into especially in our immediate environments. Taking recognition that surface stuff/judgements do not work anymore will help you in the months to come. Smile when even alone. It is a great time to be manifesting. It is easy for manifestation to come to many. Be sure it is for both the higher good of yourself and others. Deciding to quit a habit is a good idea at this time. Be sincere both with mind and mouth, it will pay off. We are still losing bits and pieces of past. The residuals of how we take action and respond is being tested for many. Look at the perception of Selfless instead of Selfish. It may stage clarity of those with hearts.

     If you are in Love, the Love will grow stronger, If you are in a stage of breaking things off, it may truly come to fruition by the end of this summer. If you are in a soft spot in a relationship, choose to be stand offish until these moons do their work by mid to the end of July. 

I hope this helps. Clear and clean energy is the key so clarity can step in. Be well. 

Change is Eminent June 4th-June 14 posted 6/11/2022 

     Channeled Message for the Collective: Of matters of mind......It keeps coming back so you eventually start to believe or understand that it is something that you go thru. That there is no short cut. Clouded minds are no longer welcomed. Final peace in your bindings. It is about what you choose to grow with or into.Clarity is Justice at this time.

     WHew, there have been some heavy healing towards motivation for many. As stated in the previous post, "Baby Steps". You have to remember that Pluto is playing a major role in our lives until early 2024. Pluto is definitely a different type of healing. We are in Pluto Retrograde until beginning of October of this year.  "Change is Eminent". On 6/3 we went out of Mercury Retrograde but many were still now in a deeper understanding that gripped a sense of behaviour change. Where feelings of "this is impossible" and battling with a sense of structure in life did not fit many of the circumstaces we were sitting in at that time. June is to bring Clarity. In Clarity we find Peace. Stick with clarity. On 6/4 we went into Saturn Retrograde. This is a place of submission and going into doing. If you need rest, the celestials will provide. If you need Support the Celestials will help shift in order to provide. These are arrangements and synchronocities that implant us with our future. A better one. On 6/10 There was a shift in what is previously noted. Clarity truly started to kick in. On 6/11 go do something that brings stimulation. Especially in Love, Money, and Creative Expressions. Experience life a bit. This will bring the clarity and healing needed thru some of these more challenging past days. 

     The first Supermoon of 3 Full Supermoons for the next 3 months are meant to clear and join our personal integrities, past manifestations, and personal betterments. This will be on the 14th of this month. It is in Sagitarius and I have a feeling that Venus will linger a bit. This is very powerful energy of using what we Love most to our advantage. Keep Going with what feels good!

Open Mind and Baby Steps May 21-May 28 posted 5/23/2022

     Puzzle pieces are coming together in extraordinary ways. There is plenty of healing that has been gained with all these new placements collectively and personally... for many. It may feel as if things need to be moving quicker. It is in all good timing. The Pluto Retrograde we are in until the beginning of October is truly helping us release as we jump thru small hoops of life. An example would be running into a total stranger on a walk that smiles when you are thinking on a brilliant idea. This leads into inspiration and motivation. Healing is presently hiding around every corner. 

     Eith all of this Venus Neptune Energy, we are being directed to where we need to be thru Love and Play. For those that are having hard times, remember the healing that is taking place. If you are blocked or uninspired, try setting it down and walking away. Sacrifice is not death, it is clarity. Be sure to not be hard on yourself, but to switch into self nourishment when waves of self sabotoge or sabotoging others come thru. This will help finalize certain aspects of transitioning. 

     Towards the end of the week, there may be some intensities in the air. Vesta plays a role and because this comet, there may bring words and ideas out of people. People may say things they necessarily may not mean to say. This is where you bring in that solid nourishment you practiced earlier that week. I hope that you all have a fantastic week!

Now Some Relief May 17th 2022 posted 5/16/2022 

     Many great transitions are happening for many people all over the World. We are changing or needing to because we ourselves have changed very much these past few months. Since March, many have cleared up Karma with old relationships. Many have learned that words do count...even in thought. There is a softer element to the air. People are taking their time, feeling humbled where they may catch the liberty to do so. There was a reason that playing or being child like helps. A month ago, that was the name of the game. It was a ticket into synchronization. Freeing yourself into play, is a great helper even at Present Moment.    Motivation, Clarity, Calm, ALLOWING. It is all effective. Doing what makes you feel good is only going to put you in Present moment. That is where you are most alive!

     On the 17th, we break free from what serves no belonging in our lives. It may feel destructive or questionable. For many it will be a Blessing in disguise. For the people of whom have body aches, they decide on a new way to heal, for people in relationship patterns, you find ways to break them, for careers, there may be a shift in position or role that you play. Some of these things that are happening to the collective has only been a build up for the past 6 months. Change is coming to many, keep your head up. Stay true, and follow your heart. 

       I would especially like to mention to people that have an extra voice around mind. Its strange yet very valid with the large amount of people that I have crossed as a Practitioner. Many people are discerned with the negativity in their minds, It feels a bit extra at this time. It is heart wrenching. I have an entity page on here. Please click on it and scroll to the bottom if you do not care to understand what an entity is. There will be a hand coming out of an eyeball for YouTube. Click on it. It is a sound that rids them. Put some headphones on and listen for 10 minutes. You will more than likely feel great. It is the same sound that is the ringing in your ear. It removes negative substance from the brain, bloodstream, and even subatomically. It makes a difference. God Bless

Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio May 16th 2022 posted 5/5/2022

     This is a moon that is to break you wide open and get you to step beyond your personal boundaries. With all of the planetary alignments this sping, there is much Justice being brought to the table for many. The beginning of this month had systems that were aligned that helped us be more communicative and open. Especially with how we feel about others, family, home, and business. For those that are headstong may be trying to liberate and may be feeling quite unsatisfied with their situations in life. For those that are passionate may break the ice and step beyond their comfort zones into a new transitioning in life. You could be with both sides. It is strongly advised to find true clarity and see all perspectives of a situation or process before taking action at this time. Scorpio energy tends to pounce on a subject too soon yet thru the experience, they learn what they should have looked at within the environment before making a move. This will be a great time of finding liberation to gain a new step to Greater Consciousness and Satisfaction internally and externally. Lastly many doors are opening. Especially in Judicial Affairs and Standing Ground in Personal Beliefs. Ask yourself what is best for you and your passions. When you follow your heart, you cannot fail. Either way it is more beneficial because you will learn or recieve what is coming. I hope this helps. Peace to you. 

The Parade of Planets and Eclipse Season April 26th and Again May 12th posted 5/5/2022

     Many of us that confide in Astrology are running across this great Parade of the Planets. "The Planet Parade" is a perfefect alignment of Planets. The last time this happened with this particular set of Planets is said to be 1000 years ago. That would be 1022 AD. Thinking of it that way makes it easier to see how long ago this was. The alignment happened on April 26th to 27th and will realign on May 12th of 2022. These planets involve Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. I personally believe that the Collective is in the midst of revaluating what is in front of them. There is going to either be great levels of comfort with the changes as long as you feel confident and secure, or frightened of your changes due to stepping out of your comfort zone. I truly believe this alignment brought on energetic confusion and exhaustion to show us as human beings what is best for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. As we ponder, more truths and validations come thru to our very essence of being between the alignment and realignment. Lots of extra sensitivity and learning that there is a reason for why we go thru what we do. On May 12th the same alignment is going to Parade again and only a few days afterward, the eclipse of the Moon is setting in. I firmly believe that this will benefit the Collective as long as the Heart is followed. Doing things out of resentment will always add to a plate full of lessons. Clarifying the differences around you thru attentiveness and paying attention to how good you feel should set the tone and boundaries of your inner differences.

Mercury Retrograde May 10th to June 3rd Posted 5/5/2022

     If you know Astrology, then you know that Mercury Retrogrades can be a pain, yet very beneficial to move forward. This Retrograde in particular is Square moon and therefore many of the aspects of divine feminine come into play. Communication, Technology, and Past Influences are usually slowed to take a different approach and see a greater recognition. There is no question that there will be many liberative thoughts and exposure to what has been on the mind coming forward. There is a lot of strong Jupiter and Pluto influences in play. This leads to expansion in healing. Especially in areas of your life that are draining or not working out. Be Graceful when taking action. There is a time and place for communication and retreat. Be sure to be mindful when taking action and know your ground that you are standing on. For those that are taking a leap of faith in work or relationship as well as home, be patient. Time truly slows during Retrogrades.

New Moon with Partial Solar Eclipse April 30th 2022 Posted 4/29/2022

     There are many of us that have been wanting to initiate changes this past month yet there may have been a loss in motivation, or a feeling of plateau with the energies. There have been much brilliance in our ideas but not a great burst in movement. With this moon, it will be time to put an end to any type of laziness or feelings of "I CAN"T". You will find that something will have to change in order for you to progress deeper into goals. As a matter of fact, that is what much of the celestial workings this past week have been doing for us already. Whether it be family harmony, balance with work, home, and time to self, or even habitual changes. The list goes on. So here it is! If you have been ill, you may decide that you do not want to feel this way. If there is a problem in a relationship whether it be boss, co worker, family or friend, there will be communication. Show the Universe that you are ready to progress. This is the time to let go of what is holding you back, or to hang on to what means a great deal to you. If there are any issues with your ideas, it will be revealed in due time with the Pluto Energies happening until early October. Now is the time where the changes you initiate will move smoother and ride in the wave of life with ease. If you are not willing to change, the celestials will show you why you should in due time. I highly suggest having a great smile on your face while putting time in to your goals. It will set the tone of this process for the months ahead. Be well! Good Luck!!

Pluto Retrograde Begins on April 29th 2022 Posted 4/24/22

Once we step out of these boundaries that have been holding us back for these past few weeks whether it be on ourselves looking within or how we see others, we can start to mend some old ways of thinking and stand in a better position of healthy compassion. We will find what is not to be relied on. We will see what can be under our control and what is not to be under our control.

As for those that are Awakening and doing work raising Consciousness, you will dig into deeper awareness and wanting to make changes. if you are willing to open to these energies, they will show you how the Universe works. It will shine light on Mindfulness vs. Mindlessness. Be sure to be generous to yourself and to others. This is a great time to be truly centered and compassionate. it sets the tone for when opportunity comes or when we go thru a rough patch in life, how it reflects upon is called Karma. try to learn to be good and feel good because you want to be that way, not because something better may come along. Changes only come when you truly want them. If there are people, ideals, or situations that are masked, it will be revealed. Ridding of compulsions, irritations, old habits, or unnecesaary thoughts will be handled thru lessons of the Universe. Ask yourself "What have I Learned?" It will be sure to give perception thru a more healthier attitude. Stay away from degrading others at all costs. That alignment came thru on the 20th of February. If you have not learned of being mindful of others, this Pluto Retrograde will be quick to slap the hands or put you in time out. This is a great time to learn about new ways to heal and to try them for yourself. 

Mercury is Playing a Role Here on Sunday April 24th 2022 Posted 4/24/22

Mercury Sextile Neptune is finding energies are coming together. Clarity and Motivation shines thru yet you may be finding that you are extra sensitive to immediate environments. Knee Pain, Back Pain, Elbows, Wrists, Ankles, Feet, and even those with delicate Nervous Systems may be finding a greater level of sensitivity or pain. The truth is that we have had many alignments recently that have truly peeled some surface misalignments and now we are opened and exposed...on many levels. Researching, Reading, Artistic Endeavors and Outddors is going to redirect the mind. This is where the recent child we tuned into comes in hand because you either may be riding a wave, or drowning. Realistic Perspectives shine thru this stripping of masks and diluded perceptions. This in turn can create perserving attitudes.

Mercury Square Saturn is fixating on ideals and personal beliefs of a lower vibration. If you feel stuck at this time, you have to use the brilliance of this energy to get unstuck. For those that are dealing with pain and sensitivity, you may want to take a different approach. There are no limits to healing. If you are on this website, you are either learning this ideal, or are informed already. Forgiveness of others and what you connect to personally is going to help with that motivation you need to reach out of this funk. Confrontation is more inner at this time. Step out of the box if you will. Listen ,see, taste, feel, sense, smell what inspires you. It brings balance and when balanced you can motivate Be sure to give credit to any accomplishments, (especially the small ones).

Jupiter Neptune Conjunct on April 12th 2022

 AND Full Moon in Aries on April 16th 2022 Posted 4/15/2022 

With Jupiter Neptune Conjunct, this past New Moon truly pushed us to fine tune ourselves within how we heal, perceive, and go about our lives in relationships and personal recognitions. Many people are now going thru subtle or large changes because of this. We are following thru with what we are truly evolving into. 

With that, we are in obtainment of new perceptions and decisions, we must evolve out of the old environment....fully.Now is the time to clean up fragments and residuals of our past and what we recently released. In order for new doors to open, whether it be a major change in home, career, relationships, or ourselves with personal habits, we have to grasp on to a balance so we are stabilized as we move forward. That way our ideals follow thru. Lucky for us, we have a quite beautiful alignment that brings attunement thru play, laughter, and love. It is very enabling and works well when you only give energy into what makes you feel Loved and Accepted Unconditionally. This is true Alchemy.  The advive with the this conjunct on a collective level is to only be where your senses pick up on smiles and laughter. It will be a great help for you. Dance, Sing, Live, Comedy, all play a good role in directing yourself into synchronization at this time. Balance thru Happiness, Acceptance, and Innocence. Like A Child. When you are present, a strong healing and release of old energetic fragments and residuals will be at your hands. Clarity is Just and Motivating.....So Play

Full Pink Moon in Libra on April 16th 2022. There is nothing more to say but to clear up your surroundings by being present. Sometimes we want to open the dooors and then we are happy. Yet sometimes we need to BE HAPPY SO THE DOORS WILL OPEN FOR US. If you look at these past fews months, especially since February of 2022, there has been definitely a shift that has effected people on multiple levels. There will be many transitions that are quick paced that will set you up for a whole different life by January of 2024. This is a powerful time of cleansing and opening the veils of ourselves and what we seek. It is to gain our PURPOSE. Accepting and creating. Then releasing. This moon will take part of many releasings on many levels with many people. You are not alone. 

You are needed.

Saturn Mars Conjunct April 4th and 5th Posted 3/30/2022

Researching this topic, I found a very gifted astrologer by the subscribers name Kamath on Youtube. He diligently pointed out that the Saturn Mars conjunct is going to be a time where the engine of the self will be in full force. He quoted, "Imagine a vehicle you are in and you hit the gas and break at the same time. In turn this creates a fiery engine that is rumbling yet you go nowhere. The point of this is please hold the tongue. Find justice thru perception by others. As I have shared before, "We hurt eachother in lack of understanding ourselves."  Be still and silent because not much will get done thru words of anxiety and exasperations. Ideally finding peace within is very important. Reacting to what upsets you is only going to add to the mindlessness that many have experienced. Envy, judgement and backstabbing started to be more intolerant when we went thru the Pleiades connection on 2/20/22. You should have found a new tolerance or obtainment in Undying Love by now, and if you have yet to figure this out, the coming alignment will do its work and set you straight or free. Depending on how you see it. 

For the Intuitives and all those who are aligning with awakening, there will be a greater connection this month with spirit and self. Keep healing and emptying so when this alignment hits you on the 11th or 12th, it will be easier for the energies to connect on a subatomic level. Keep Loving. Even though some people may seem soul less, the truth is, you may have no idea why people act the way they do. We all each are from different environments and substances that create our own uniqueness. Share compassion as much as possible at this time. It does not mean to tolerate peoples bullshit, but try not to judge. Instead observe because that is where we find truth, and in truth we find neutrality and compassion. When you Love Yourself, You Love ALL. 

This coming month there may be past life work being done. Heal it, and break the generational instincts of having to fight for what we want. Instead heal to obtain what we need. Regardless, you will always have what you need when doing self work. I hope this helps. 

Full Moon 3/18/2022 Posted 3/16/2022

In the astrological alignments, my best judgement says that we are finding balance by means of learning to live more for ourselves. We are all learning to stand more stronger in our personal strengths with the New Moon Energy and therefore, clearing up this energy. It is exciting with this Full Moon Energy because we are finding the pieces of our personal life puzzles are falling into place, and it is to find either personal recognition, or to pursue a different interest, or lifestyle. It is a great time to grasp onto the concepts of Super Consciousness because it has the ability to generate our personal skills thru recent studies. Many have had hard times due to having to clear up Karmic Balances. I have learned that forgiveness is the key to clearing up haunting energies. 

It helps at this time to see the purpose. To question perception and to clean your perceptions up. The Celestials gave it to us! Embrace the change! is also a great time to manifest new plans if you are in a position where Karma is clear. If Karma and large amounts of healing are taking place in your Universal Lesson Log, then be sure to create healing and mindfulness in manifestations. If you are unsure of the outcome or feel stuck recently, this Full Moon is designed to step in more strongly with energies leading to stronger clues and changes tangible or intangible. 


There are many changes coming to us by the end of this month. These shifts are to fall into greater understandings that have been unfolding for a few months now. Should you have been working on deciding to make a great move, by the end of this month we will decide to take action or to let the idea or situatuion go. It is also a great time to be figuring out what to fully let go of. We are to be working with self empowerment and how we engage into ourselves to create a healthier environment and collective as a whole. 

As for other parts of greater learnings finding out what is not in your best interest may be a burden. There are many desperations that we seek. Desires we may pull in or try to surmount. If it is forced, if you have to make a fool of yourself to soften its engagements, it is not worth your time. Instead finding that doing inner work holds more accountability than trying to fix other lives. Sommetimes we find when working so hard to fix others lives, we are actually in pursuit of escaping our own. When you release this belief, clarity becomes a new experience. 

One or both of these experiences are to bring a greater change in the role of interaction with Spirit and Others around you. Only do what makes you happy in order to rise above your parallel. 


Recognition​ We All Deserve

     This Blog Page is For YOU.  There were times in life where unsaid words needed to be heard within getting to know myself. There was no support. We all feel alone at times, we all need to be heard at times. It is insight on what others go through. The progressions of opening up beyond the chaotic physical realms of this everyday world is not easy. Your comments, your secrets, your journal entry, your feelings, and experiences all portray what is within the heart. We are all entitled to our opinions. You may remain unknown if you choose to do so. Just want you to know you are Not Alone and that someone or something is listening.  The entries are made through the Contacts Page and will be posted. It is not required to leave your true name. It is not required to leave your email. 

                                                                                     Thank you, and Best Wishes

Shameless With Nameless

     My wake truly started when I started to find that I was not crazy. In and out of psychiatric wards for years due to being a sensitive. My last return to a counselor informed me that I am not crazy. That I am an empath and that I should look into this subject. That day I went home with acceptance in my heart and mind and the counselor quit her job working for the state to pursue her studies to further help others. I started to visit Metaphysical stores and they found me to be a gifted individual. In truth, we all have gifts. We have the potential to heal ourselves. This is coming from a woman that had 3 years left to live.  I would lose train of thought in mid sentence due to over medication. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well as multiple mental disorders. Have even been held against my will in psychiatric wards due to the psychologist wanting to understand why I carry the IQ of a 40 year old at the age of 18.

    In 2014 I divorced and left my husband for myself. That is when my truths of the programmings that are considered taboo were handed to me. I found I had connections that scientist study and is searching for answers. We all have the capacity to be super humans. All we have to do is try. Research. Find what keeps repeating itself and change it. This is called true Alchemy and this is what brings growth within the human mind and within spirit. Change. Smile. Do it with Unconditional Love. Do it with Integrity and Innovation. DO IT FOR YOU.

     I am no longer medicated. I am no longer ill. I AM. WE ARE.  There is no shame in what is posted to this blog. Share your story. We are not alone. You may remain unknown if you choose to do so. Just know that you are heard and understood.

                           The Best To You All and Thank You For Your Time,


     The following is a writing that is documented as Untitled. This was posted years ago through a site that is not recalled.  Not all is agreeable with anybody. The whole idea is to keep an open mind and accept information that best suits your needs. Any research can only be reached to both your heart and mind through what agrees most within your perspectives. Enjoy.

Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D

March 9th 2015

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

   The society and culture in which you have grown up has programmed fixed patterns of the mind into you, and your sense of identity, who you are and what your job is in this world, are based upon those patterns.

   These systematic patterns of thoughts, programmed into you by your parents and teachers are deeply embedded into your mind and subconscious by the psychological mechanisms of identification, and they automatically surface every now and then.

   Whether you like it or not, these thoughts come and go, your mind is in constant motion. These patterns strive to be self-sustaining and they generate the work of mind. The result is the cobweb of thoughts with which you identify and that is how you live your life. In-Depth programming of the Mind and the fixed patterns of your mind are individual, since they reflect the expectations of the particular environment in which you have been brought up. The expectations usually influence you unconsciously, almost like automatic deep programs of the mind.

     As these in-depth conditioning have become apart of your mind in the course of your up-bringing, a particular situation or person immediately activates them. You automatically put on the mask appropriate for the particular situation, tailored to the expectations of the situation or person. You must recognize that it is not the expectations that constitute the problem. The expectations are natural parts of the world of forms and shapes. You are not able to exist without expectations in the society you live in at present, just like you would not be able to exist without your body. The compelling force of the expectations is fed by your identification with them and the fact that you stick to your personal identity and the masks and expectations that come with it even after you have woken up.

     Through their compelling force, the fixed mental patterns are powerfully influential. Their power is in accordance with the degree of your identification with them. The more you believe in your own thoughts, the more powerful they will be over you, and they will easily obscure your Sight and, by reducing your Alertness, they will drag you back to your world of dreams. Closing the gates in order to make your awakening irrevocable, you first need to recognize your fixed mental patterns! Once you have seen and recognized them, you are able to shut the doors leading back to your dream world, just left behind, one by one.

     It does not mean that you need to shut the doors yourself. The fixed operational methods of the mind cannot be defeated by the works of the mind itself, that is, by effort, practice, or your willpower. When a fixed mental pattern appears, all you need to do is watch how it works, what expectation activates it. But you do not need to fight it, you do not need to make any effort to neutralize it. There is only one remedy against them, and that is Sight, nourished by the deeper dimensions of Alertness, and the sight will bring recognition to you. The power of Sight is that it reduces your identification with your mind, and places you back into your original state of existence, that is, Oneness. When you see and recognize how your fixed mental patterns work, the energy supply they receive gradually dries up, since the energy that formerly supplied these patterns now supply the emergence of the deeper dimensions of Alertness in you. In this way conditioned mental patterns gradually lose their power and they vanish. As a result, the work of the mind that might have appeared chaotic to you before become increasingly transparent.

     In this way, Consciousness and Presence will increasingly dominate your mind, and they will be manifested in longer and longer periods of silence. That is how the mind regains its original mission, and it will become a means by which Consciousness is able to express itself in the world of forms and shapes. 

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