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What are Entities?

something that exists by itself : something that is separate from other things

Merriam Webster Dictionary

The History of Entity

     The truth is that we are entities. A Corporation is Entity. The energies we pray to is Entity. The Justice System is considered Entity. It basically holds a persona of its own, whether tangible or intangible. Many people believe that entity is a being that causes problems and pulls energy from you. That is a true fact. An entity may also bring the greatest and most inspiring feelings and experiences of a lifetime. An entity comes thru existence whether it be tangible or not.  In LL Researches book, "The Law of One", it is stated that we are entity and that there are many levels and types of entity. 

      So where have the ideals of entity originated?

     There are many versions of where the word "Entity" come from. The word est, esti, or asti are used in old Germainic terms as well as Sanskrit. It means third person root existence. ( Many other online resources all state the same explanations. The Great Caesar seemed to use the term most often which led to this term used more prominently in all languages

     The type of entity that most people are familiarized with will now be explained. It is a non-physical entity If you truly take in the explanation posted above, it would make sense that an entity is able to mess with our minds, bringing different forms of trouble and anxieties to our lives as well as the Ones that we care for. Sometimes an entity may cause sharp pains throughout the anatomy of the body. An entity may cause you to eat more, possibly even foods that you have never really cared for. An entity also has the ability to make a person lash out. An entity may cause anxiety inside you so intensely that you decide to shoot people on the streets or to physically hurt someone that you never would have. It is quite sad to see a young human or a person that would never do such a thing or cause harm to another their whole life, now sitting behind prison bars all due to an entity. Entities may be planted in ones spiritual, mental, or physical system. 

      If you truly want to see the horrors that an entity does to ones life, The Trials of Gabrielle Fernandez on Netflix is a great example, and this is why. At the end of the program, it is mentioned that another boy the same age went through the same paralyzing traumas that Gabrielle went through....just blocks away from his home.....within a few months after Gabrielles death. What are the odds? 

      The Rosicrucians are known to have created a mass entity also known as an egregore for spiritual development within their religious sect. Our Holidays and the Mascots that stand behind the celebrations like Santa or Vampires are considered Egregores. Whatever creates an Egregore may be positive or negative charged depending on the mass of people or medias type of intention that is feeding it.  

      I am a true believer that nobody in this world wakes in the morning and looks forward to having a shit day.

I am a true believer that nobody in this entire world wakes in the morning and smiles jovially at the idea of hurting others to make themselves feel better unless they are carrying an entity or a serious blockage. Truthfully, people hurt each other in lack of understanding themselves. We all have carried an entity or attachment at some point in our lives. The key to not allowing that Entity to destroy you or others is taking control of your mind and emotions.  Control is the point where an entity will move on to another form or dissipate (depending on the type of entity) after it realizes it has no nourishments. Energy needs energy to grow, and in some cases survive. 

How Do We Rid of Entities

     There are many ways to relieve yourself of Entities. Purity is a great way. This is how many Buddhists and religions cope with these damaging and chaotic attachments. It is to cleanse thru body, mind, and spirit. It works quite well. Many Chaos Theorists as well as Philosophers and Magical Practitioners whom are quite serious with obtainment of the greater knowledge live a life in Purity. Control over the energy is much easier when in more Purer states of being. 

     Silence, (being a part of purity), allows the attachment to leave. It has nothing to hang on within that person due to lack of low vibrations that the vessel is carrying. It is partially why many people fast. You think lighter and live lighter. 

     Eating properly is important as well. Lower vibration foods feed lower vibrations. 

     Exercising...think about it...exorcising/exercising. Sweating out the impurities and stretching your muscles, Moving the energies in your body. Try working out with a smile. After a few days, you will find that you smile automatically.

     Dancing is another way that your spirit will cleanse. There are videos of tribesman all over the world dancing and shaking off the impurities. Shamans have many practices including burning sage and herbs. There are different types of sage. The most common one for cleansing is white sage. Whistles have been used thru Shamans. Entities do not like high pitched sounds. It is a higher vibration. Sitting outside and asking nature to pull the energies from you. Asking Animal or Spirit Guides to heal you is another practice of the Shamans. Shamans will use drums and shakers to knock the attachment off of your aura and body system. Shakers, drums, and whistles lead us back to utilizing frequencies.

     Frequencies have the ability to shake up the system down to a sub atomic level. If you are showing your body and cells that you are not accepting lower vibrations, you will find that lower vibrations will decide not to hang out.

     Listening to soft and soothing music, walking light, setting things down lightly, that is the type of energies you will bring. If you are listening to hard rock music, slamming your body around, and banging things around, you will attract those types of attachments. Just because you make choices to be entertained by harshness does not necessarily mean that you have attachments, it is more about controlling the feelings that cross over you. This is also known as mindfulness.

     High pitched noises such as a sharp ring in your ear does not always mean that you have something wrong with you. It may be your soul, guides, or passed on loved ones relieving you of entity attachment. The following video posted runs on the same high pitched frequency that people hear when they believe they have TMJ. Should you take a moment to listen, you may find that you have heard this tone in your head. You may also be disturbed when listening to this tone. If that is the case, listen to it longer, it may not be you that is disturbed, but what is inside of you.

Quick Fix to Remove Entities and Attachments

The top Entity Removal is a brasher removal

Where as the lower Entity Removal has a lovely piano with the same high pitched tone.

Affirmations such as Latin exorcism Prayers,  Archangel Michael Prayer, and Benediction all help as well.

There are many frequencies that carry this tone to help alleviate anxiety, depression, and hardship.

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