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What are Frequencies?

The number of times a specified periodic phenomenon occurs within a specified interval.

`Merriam Webster Dictionary

    Note To Reader:

Should you have a hard time reading or focusing, you could try listening to this frequency posted below while reading this page. In most cases, I can guarantee that you will be more attentive and the words will settle with much more ease within mind. This is also an opportunity to see if working with frequencies at this point and time is for you. Simply click on the Play Button next to "Increase Brain Power"

     Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, a natural symphony of crickets and frogs, bells, the ringing in your ear, and even the sirens that our emergency workers, as well as different military forces around the World use to penetrate people. Interestingly enough we can De-Program and Re-Program ourselves through frequencies. As seen on the Chakra Page, healing with sounds can be a tool to benefit our mental and physical health as well as a clearer connection to spirit. Using frequencies is a form of meditation and can be a very powerful tool. Frequencies have been used since before biblical times. Researching ancient frequencies or sound healing will help you give insight and leads to what best fits your lifestyle in healing and being. Our spirit, body, and mind all have the ability to resonate and heal thru Frequency. It is hard to believe that sound has the ability to make miracles of the personal journey expand, but it does. Personally, as an evolved Psychic, using sound healing methods contribute to enhancements with ESP (extra sensory perception). Using frequencies to enhance your life is not just about what is heard, it is what projections you are accepting and growing into. Like any healing method, (and there are many), it is about reaching into YOUR SOUL to give and receive instruction to our inner being for direction to heal on all levels. If you are told everyday that you are ill (what most mainstream media and commercializations reveal within the greater industry), you will eventually manifest becoming ill. If you affirm daily that you are healthy and mindful, eventually you become just that. Sound gives direction in the same way. It is affirmations thru sound. It guides your cells in deciding what is welcome and what is no longer needed. When sounds, affirmations, smells, light therapy, breath work, meditations...etc is used, a vibratory shift will lead to mental physical and spiritual changes. This is an example of healing by means of instruction within your personal being. Using frequencies is a different approach that is cost effective and very much worth the time to look into. 

     Raising your vibration is what keeps the lower energies at bay. This can mean keeping lower level thoughts away. You can keep pain down. Should you have a dis ease, you can HEAL YOURSELF. 

How does using frequency meditations work?

1. The sounds hit your ears penetrating hearing and feeling with or without headphones and enter your auric waves that surround your body and.              

    your nerves.

2. Now that the sound has penetrated your personal magnetic field and brain, it vibrates your sensory system or nervous system.

3. Depending on the hertz or sound wave you have chosen, your nerves vibrate down to a cellular level and release the blockages of thoughts,                .   traumas, toxins, parasites, and pain. In turn this opens up your energetic body and allows higher vibratory energies to glide thru you.


     There are no limitations of what vibrations can do. People use sound therapy to lose weight, manifest, happiness, lyme disease, nervous system relief, kidney, liver and heart disease, addictions, hair growth, cysts, ritual deprogramming....the list goes on. You Tube along with multiple Apps and websites offer many options to choose from....FOR FREE! Music is medicine except it is not a band aid. In time it heals fully. Just do the work. Question, Research and Evolve. When doing sound therapy thru website searching simply type in what you want to heal and put the words "tone" or "healing frequency" after the subject that you choose to heal. You do not need a bunch of money and expensive weekend retreats to see a Guru. You be your own. Wanting to change and envisioning those changes that lead to result is all you need. Just imagine....Awakening is monetarily FREE. The only cost is your time.

     Isochronic Tones, Pure Tones, Binaural Tones, Rife Tones, and Noise are all different methods of taking control of the Mind, Body, and Spirit through frequencies. Below are examples of each Tone. 

     Binaural Tones are waves that are soothing and  slow. You do not necessarily need headphones, but works much more efficiently when you do use headphones. These tones lower stress, anxiety, or pain. How it works is two separate sound waves enter right and left ear releasing sound and penetrates the brain. The two differences of sound generate a hertz within the center of the brain to soothe and lower the stress in your neurons within the brain that are creating the anxiety or issue. Therefore, it releases the hormones that make you feel happy and calm. Binaural Tones are used in medicine, but is questioned due to Doctors not being taught what or how energetic bodies function and heal. It is very well known by many practitioners of many levels that most problems, (physical and mental) start as energy. Binaural Frequencies can be used in the home while you are away to keep an energetically clean field, while sleeping, or in meditation. 

     Noise is the natural sounds that are around you that are of nature or the environment. White Noise and Pink Noise are examples of sound that clears that energetic field. Like the snow screen on a television, white noise scatters your field just as it is scattered thru the television. Should someone hurt your feelings, or you are feeling the pressure of the day, utilizing Noise as sound therapy is always at your hands. Fans, air conditioning units, refrigerator, the low hum of whatever is in the background of our daily life are all examples of Noise. Utilizing noise helps with silencing the mind. It is a great way to train your brain to block unnecessary thought forms and projections of others, but instead pulling in silence and harmonious sound of NOW. Eventually you can program yourself to very deep states of silence also known as the Delta state of mind. 

     Isochronic Tones is frequency that generates waves from one side of the brain to the opposite side of the brain, then vice versa. It is highly recommended to wear head phones. When using isochronic tones to enhance your well being, be sure that the R on your headphones are on the Right Ear and the L on your headphones is in your Left Ear. Personally, I like using Isochronic Tones for nerve regeneration which seems to help with immunodeficiency diseases such as Crohns, M.S., and Fibromyalgia, and enhancing ESP. The use of Isochronic Tones also helps to learn how to direct energy thru sound to heal. Starting with the brain, you soon find that the vibrations run thru the nervous system and you can direct these sounds to spots of pain throughout the body and work out the thought forms that have created the dis ease in your system. This method is transferring your energy to a point of greater interest to heal. 

     Rife Frequencies  This is more of an intense treatment. Royal RIfe is a man that is well known when it comes to using sound therapy to cure diseases. Some say it is conspiracy, yet as we progress in this world, we are finding more and more that many conspiracies had led to some type of truth. Many believe that Dr. Royal Rife and his affiliates were murdered. It is believed amongst many that Rife and Affiliates cured Cancer in the early 1930's. On a world wide scale, many people have used Rife Frequencies to cure AIDS, Cancer, and Lyme Disease. I have to say that when going thru my experience in waking and deprogramming, Rife Frequencies cleared Parasites, Nano Technology, Metals, GMO's, Pesticides, Cancers, Fluoride in which many people have and do not know what it is like to have a mind body and spirit on a much clearer scale.

      I have learned how we as living beings are vulnerable to many exposures that are in everyday life. When ridding yourself of deposits of energy that is harmful, you fall into understanding how truly poisonous parasites, metals, and chemicals are to the mind, body, and spirit. The wave entrainments in bold lettering listed above are to help with detoxing. This led to clarity in my thoughts and in turn I was not hungry as often, became less angry and Joy and Peace became much easier to obtain. Rife tones are a series of clicks, clacks and pure tones that excuse any vulnerabilities that are growing and feeding inside our physical, mental and spiritual selves. Royal Rife has created technology that military uses to this day to Control Masses such as the sirens of an emergency vehicle or to push spending in marketing campaigns. If his medicine did not work, why is the governments utilizing his tools? And what are they using these tools for? Do some research. Believe what resonates for you. Its your Journey. It is for a reason. 

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