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What are Gifts?

A notable capacity, talent, or endowment.

-Merriam Webster Dictionary

     There are many gifted individuals in this present world. Therefore, there are many names to what people classify themselves as. Some people call themselves Yogis, Healers, Indigos, Crystals, Empath, Shamans..etc. In truth, these names are based from a gift an individual may find interesting about themselves. These are known as extra sensory perceptions (ESP). We all carry gifts. Counselors are good with people, writers  are great at research, while artists are motivated to paint the skyline. Some people share taboo gifts such as pulling fire from the ground or eating and swallowing glass without being hurt. Some people may find that they calm a room or raise energy to a level of attentive results. We all have something within ourselves that would be classified as a gift. We are all different beings journeying through different environments with energy exchanges socializing with others. The following are main gifts that many of this world share. In some countries, these explorations of individuality are a part of everyday life and are normal, while in other countries these gifts may be considered handicaps that enable damaging labels such as a social disability, or psychiatric issues. This may not always be true. It may simply mean that you are extra-ordinary and may need to learn how to balance and accept your gift.


     Clairvoyance is having the capacity to SEE what the average eye cannot see through your very own eyes. In other words, have you ever caught something out of your peripheral vision, (far outer corner of eye), that clearly was not there when you looked? Chances are there was something there. Energies have the capacity to reveal themselves to those whom are open to seeing what the brain is prepared to see. The photograph to the left is a great example of what a clairvoyant may see. The image of this adult is surrounded by a gaseous coloring that is very common through the eyes of a clairvoyant. Clair means clear, and voyant means vision in French.

     So, what are different ways to exercise Clairvoyance? 

     How are you able to see? Put yourself in a well lit room with white walls. Put your hand on the wall. Look directly at your hand. You see a hand. Now move your focus and attention between your fingers. Within a millimeter to a centimeter coming off your it white? Is it gray? Is it yellow? Orangish pink? This is your auric color. As you exercise this, You will find coloring of other people and objects more present. The color is TRUTH of intentions or Ones thoughts. Take the time out to observe your surroundings. It is also a good idea to research how to be clairvoyant. Everybody learns differently.



     A Clairsentient is to FEEL. Clair means clear in french and sentient means to feel in Latin. A great example of this sensation is listening to a favorite song where chills run across your body. This is energy that has been sensed. This is what a clairsentient may experience from time to time. In previous studies, some have mentioned that an empath and clairsentient are the same. There are many different perspectives on that particular subject and as always, doing the research yourself and utilizing what resonates with you is strongly advised. Like all gifts, once clairsentient is recognized and exercised, you may find that you are sensitive to many sensations around you. Animals, humans, material objects, and so forth may be recognized as giving you a physical belly ache or it may feel very refreshing and uplifting. It is having the ability to pick up on sensations of other objects or organisms.

     How could you exercise being clairsentient? 

     Find ways to open your nervous system. Eating healthy and antioxidant rich foods, yoga, and tuning into frequencies on YouTube is a good start. Our nervous system is what makes us sensitive. Imagine an exposed nerve. It is far too sensitive to be exposed and very painful. If you research ways to open your nervous system, you will find that you are a much more sensitive being than could ever be imagined. This category falls under DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). Science has stated that all living beings carry this molecular structure. Regenerate your nerves. Exercise your nerves. Researching ways to give your nervous system optimal health is a great start. Give them existence and love. Talk to your cells. You will find that the nerves will give you a new intuitive level that many ancients have practiced for many years. We all have it in us.


     This is the ability to SMELL. Imagine yourself getting some rest and relaxation on a cold wintry day. You are flipping through a magazine or reading a book. All of a sudden you are surrounded by the smell of your grandmothers home baked pie. She passed many years ago. You both were very close. There is no pie in your home. This is an example of Clairescence. Many people have had this experience. It does not necessarily mean that it is the power to pick up on the dead. Many that carry this gift have the ability to sense others. A friends cologne or perfume may come across your nose while they are thinking of you.

      It is only right to ask how somebody could carry this extra sense?

      Truthfully, it is a gift. Through practice, work, and keeping an open mind, the core system of and belief that anything is possible, being clairalient is obtainable. In some of the research that I have come across, there have been various studies of exercising the gift of heightened smell. Give OUR noses abilities some attention. You could put on a blind fold and use ear plugs. Sit in a private area and study what your nose gifts you. What does the air smell of? What time of day is it? What season are you in? Are there trees or neighbors with pets. Do any objects carry a scent in your direction?  Try not to use this sense with any level of judgement but with observation and experimenting with no judgements.  In time, you may be surprised at how truly extraordinary we are. Do some research with an open mind. Believe what relates most to you.


     Clair is clear, and audience is HEARING/AUDIO. In "The Book of Synchronicity" by Carl Gustav Jung, it is mentioned of many schizophrenics to more than likely be Clairaudient. Another term for clairaudience is telepathy. How would you determine this gift? Have you ever heard your telephone ring right before it actually rings? Have you ever picked up on a favorite tune and it is playing on the radio at the time of singing it to yourself? Have you ever responded within minutes of a friend or family wanting to speak with you? These examples are only a few of many that may determine a gift you may have. Clairaudience is to hear energy/frequency beyond what the human ear may hear. In a sense like a dog whistle yet enabling the ability to walk through a hallway and hear what was said that someone felt strongly about hours before. It is picking up energy imprints through forms or what someone or something says. There is many theories and much research of this gift.

      This is a gift that is obtainable through silence. The fact is, our minds are on overload. The majority of our population is not sympathetic to our surroundings. In many cases, we are busy with our own lives. We do not take in what we are surrounded with unless it involves a source of entertainment. Have you ever considered that we are surrounded by entertainment even in a pitch black room? How so? Take in account that we have ears. We can hear and exercise a filter within the programming of our minds that tunes into a level of healing and listening beyond comprehension. If you are determined and the intention of goodness and reunion of your greater being is screaming inside, the best thing you can do is silence your head. Listen to the fan without thought, without judgement, without any feeling. Remain humble and listen. Be in your moment and listen. Nothing coming in mind, no judgement, only observance. Listen to yourself. Listen to the fan. Slowly your thoughts of you peel away like an onion. Start slowly. It is time consuming and is a practice like most of the categories brought on this page. Research and study with an open mind. As stated before, take only what relates to you. Disenfranchising is not the way to go about anything in life. Leave all judgement behind.


     Clair means clear in french and gustance is a term that explains gusto in latin. It means to experience TASTE in Latin. Most wives tales hold truth. There is a specific term that comes to mind. "That experience sure did put a taste in my mouth." In truth, through understanding Clairgustance, someone may be eating and this gift is the ability to taste what others are tasting. Your tongue is a very sensitive part of your body. Our tongue is an exposed muscle and has all sorts of connections to our brain and bellies. The tongue even shares connections with our noses. For this is a factual investment of the mind to grasp the sensitivity of the tongue. So, this may prove that anybody has the ability to sense what energy feels like by using their tongue.

     Lets say there is an old photo, book, chest, or mirror in your home that gives you the Heeby Jeevies. Put you tongue to it. Not on the object but close to it and almost to the point of touching it. What do you feel? Is it cooling to the tongue? Is there an electric sensation or a pulse...or warmth to the object you are observing? This is only a simple exercise to set example of how sensitive our senses are as well as the ability that each one of us as a population in general carry within our bodies, spirits, and minds.

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