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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

The Wandering History of Meditation

     The earliest findings on meditation are thru the Vedas which is the practice and understanding of Well Being on many levels. Dated back to 3,500 and 5,000 BCE. There are many different statues and artwork from centuries ago revealing the practice of Meditation. This only reveals that Meditation has been a practice even before words and expressions were recorded in any type of manner. Meditation was not just a practice, it is was a form of wellness within a persons lifestyle. A necessity that engages to survival. At that time it could have been a "Need" not a "Want". 

Who Can Meditate?

     This is not a silly question. The truth is that anybody can meditate with or without any ability. Meditation is for anybody that finds interest in wanting to meditate. This is because it is part of our daily lives to listen, yet can be practiced as a discipline. I do find that all people have meditated with or without intention. When we sleep we go to the state of mind where disciplined meditators go. When we listen to the ocean waves and have nothing on the mind.. is a form of meditation. When contemplating the grocery list and thinking of what is needed for the home is a meditative form. Driving and zoning out on the road and not quite remembering what you were thinking about is a form of meditation. You are controlling or allowing ideals to pass by and taking recognition in order to accept what is and what is not. This ideal may also be known as contemplation. It is a focused practice to understand on a deeper level. Meditation can be utilized physically or mentally to break patterns of habitual thinking and thought forms. Autistic children and addicts could use the sound of water to calm their emotions. This is a form of meditation. There will be other types of meditations that you can do further in the reading.

Why Meditate? 

     Meditation is beneficial. I admit, I could not stand meditating when entering my wake. It was very boring and I felt ridiculous. This is why it is stated as a discipline. As I meditated more, I started to feel the energies being released on a physical level. It was frightening to witness how much energy was stored in my body. In time, meditation is now a daily practice on all levels in life. The following are a few positive side effects to meditation.

  1. You release unwanted emotions
  2. You become more energetic
  3. You get to know yourself better
  4. You can listen easier and follow thru in direction
  5. Mental Clarity
  6. Happier
  7. You enhance your psychic senses 
  8. You start to connect with others easier due to raise in empathy
  9. You learn your personal truths
  10. Much greater success in manifestation

How Do I Meditate?

     The idea of meditation when first starting is to train your brain to focus. What you are literally doing is taking control of your own mind and showing it what is welcome and unwelcome. The ability to focus increases telepathy and all senses opening the third eye and decreases any unwanted energies to your whole system of any system within you. Down to subatomic levels. There are various exercises that you can do to release blockages by simply researching "Brain Integration Exercises". Another quick exercise is crossing your arms over your chest in mummy style and tapping your upper chest one side at a time with opposite hands 5-10 minutes a day. Another fun exercise is Superbrain Yoga. Super Brain Yoga has been utilized to calm children with autism in educational programs. I feel that it would help all children and people. After three days, you feel a difference. For some people, immediately. When starting with meditation, it is ideal to integrate both left and right hemispheres of the brain. This opens the connectivity of the mind allowing more algorithms to process information around and inside of you. Once you are able to focus on intention, meditation becomes easier. It is not necessary to do brain integration exercises but it helps run the process of waking run a bit smoother. 

     The idea of meditation as a whole is to silence the mind to release old understandings. Obtainment of silence allows the body to heal on a much different level. When you release old thought patterns, you are releasing any blockages in your system of your personal anatomy. There are many ways to meditate. Meditation gives you the ability to Deprogram and Reprogram your mind. You are enabling your very own power over your mind and letting all energy know who is in charge of your existence. Some people may find it easier to have someone guide them thru meditation. Meditation is something that you can do on your own time at home just as well. As you are learning to meditate, be sure to remind yourself that you are to observe. Judgement can block many of the facilitations of meditation. Not all, but most. Pretend that you are an Angel or a Celestial looking over this very moment and that there is nothing less than unconditional Love. Pretend to be a desk or a table in a room. Desks do not have a brain to carry multitudes of thought. Allowing all thoughts to run thru you with no attachments or perception. Let your thoughts know that you are desiring to take a stance in observance and that you are not to judge. In time, you start peeling on an energetic level. Some people may see, hear, or experience what is being released. That is fine. This level of healing takes dedication. 

     Should you need to cry, cry. Should you need to laugh, laugh. Should you feel the need to act childish or silly, do so. As long as you are not hurting others or yourself, let it out and let it expand and contract. Your Soul may be fishing a teacher, artist, or inventor out of you. There are so many that feel meditation is just sitting in a spot and humming. That it is all Love and Light. This is not the truth. Meditation is a process that brings out so many roles that play in your mind. It is very rewarding to find doors inside you that have yet to be opened. There are emotions that have yet to be mounted and fully understood. Explore yourself and play with whatever comes. It may open new avenues in life. Here is a list of a few meditations with very brief descriptions.   

Silencing of the Mind

     Silencing the mind is where there is no thought and no intention. It is just quiet and stillness that brings you to a new level of listening

Frequency/Sound Therapy Meditation

     The Frequency Page  on this website has a great in-depth look at how frequencies work. Using different sources of sound and brain wave entrainment, you can release and change your aura. I like to do a body scan and mindfully direct the sound to spots of discomfort in my physical body to push out the unwanted feelings. It is also used to relieve high levels of electro magnetic fields such as WI-FI, carbons, and radiation. 


     The process of chanting is beneficial to truly understand what Oneness feels like. Chanting "Ohm" with a concentrated effort has the ability to bring that state of mind to a wholeness where nothing exists around you. Regular background noises dissipate and you go into a state of doing during the chant. You fall beyond the recognition of what you are saying. Your mind generates 'Being in the Present Moment" and enables the very program of Oneness.


     Journeying is a process where you create your own world inside your mind that is a safe place. This is where you may start to get to know your guides. There is plenty of information on taking yourself thru a meditative journey. Researches with Shamanism and Wiccan speak a lot of Journeying. 

Counting Colors

     This is a great way to get a chaotic mind back into a state of present moment. Sit where you can be alone. In mind or out loud, start calling out colors as your eyes pan throughout the room. Instead of looking at a "fridge" or "stove" see it as its color and nothing beyond this. What you are doing taking control of your own mind. Keep the colors simple. Your brain stimulation slows and rejects feelings of anxiety. The synapsis is put back in control through YOU! It has helped me very much in lonely times of my journey. It allows you to take control of yourself. By Yourself. You eventually start to notice that unwanted manifests no longer bother you. You are also much calmer. Clarity is a very important modality in Spiritual growth.

Walking Meditation

     While going for a walk, step lightly. Mindfully walk. Listen closely to your breathing. Only observe thoughts as if they are people or vehicles passing by.


     Close your eyes and envision yourself at a beach, a desert, or driving a fast car. Another ideal of visualization is when eating, to take the time out of what the food tastes, how the food feels, to bite into the flavor and explain the flavors to yourself. With smile and grace.


     Mindfullness is a method to use throughout the day. Paying attention to thoughts and stopping the negative thoughts. Also, putting a stop to thoughts of past or future. Past thoughts tend to bring sadness where future thoughts tend to bring anxiety. Present thoughts are about what you do as you do it. 

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