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What is Numerology?

the study of the occult significance of numbers

-Merriam Webster

The Wandering History on Numerology

     Numerology is the study of numbers that give a perspective within ones life. The Universal structure of numbers has the potential to bring infinite possibilities. From your name and birth date alone, it is easy to categorize how a person handles their emotions, what their destiny is to be within this life, what type of career is good for them, what lessons keep repeating in life, and if you are an analytical thinker or if you are good with creating art or teaching. The list goes on with the endless stream of information that may be provided with numbers.

     The most widely used system of numerology is Pythagorean. It is a simple system. A=1, B=2, all the way through the number 9 and then you start over at the letter J being 1. Pythagoras came into existence around 570 BC. There are many systems of numerology dating as far back as the time of The Ancient Egyptians. The most powerful movement in Numerology became monumental through Saint Augustine. He declared through a writing, "Numbers are the Universal Language offered by the Deity to Humans as Confirmation of the Truth." This was a time of the Christian era where eventually the Church of Fathers outlawed numerology due to accusations of magical use. Pythagoras also believed that Numerology was fundamental in relation to the Divine as well as Numerology being a Universal Language. He started a school that educated other men on the systems of Numerology among other teachings in occult knowledge. This would explain why Pythagoras did not write many of his theories. He wanted his teachings to be shared with only ones prepared to be initiates..  

     Numerology is used in Quebalah, Tarot, factors of future or past events, book studies such as the bible, and divine messaging. The Angelic Realms often use triple digits in sacred divine messaging to help you along your path. Many profits, priests, saints, and oracles use the systematics of numbers to calculate destined paths. You may use numerology to consider a path that is coming to its mature manifest by dates and times. All divine tooling such as numerology is limitless by means of creativity and utilizing whatever resonance is most powerful. You are limitless! 


Pythagorus-  Mathematician, Philosopher, Mystic, and Teacher

How Does Numerology Work?

     Have you ever used your tone of voice in a calming matter to bring a situation down a notch? Let's say that you work in a customer service position. The customer is unsatisfied and is yelling. You respond through a calm tone with information that would bring a smile to the disgruntled customers face. This is using frequency, in turn shifting the energy of the room. When you utilize language it performs vibrations in air performing frequency. A great example of this is using the term, "no worries", as oppose to, "I got it".  Words have the opportunity of measurement in Universal Language of Numbering.                     

     Below is a reference guide and a basic structure of numbers 1-9. There are many meanings that come with numbers, Having a start to understanding numbers helps. The system here being used is the Pythagorean System. Another good system is the Chaldean. There are many languages and cultures. Therefore there are options to the numbering you choose. Pythagorean works well for the English language alphabet.




     1   If you look at the number 1, it is a straight line. It goes either up, or down. 1 is a great representation of yes or no. No maybes. Seeing only black or white. No gray areas. 1 is the first number. This makes it a starter number. In other words a start, or beginning to a new advancement or understanding in life.


    2   Thinking about two, you may find that you get options. 2 is choices to be made, or contemplation. Should you draw out the number 2, the number starts at the top left and ends at the bottom right of the number.

     3   Commute. 3 is a number of community. If we were to draw a line up against the left side of the 3, you would clearly see that the beginning, middle, and ending of the number 3 touches the line. The number 3 keeps commuting back to the same point. 3 carries an action in moving forward and growth. After contemplation of the 2, you move forward through 3. The wives tale, "3 is a crowd" is a great perception for involvement in community. 3 is also known for creativity and moving forward.

     4  Drawing out the number 4, you will find the weight of the number is held by a stake digging into the ground. The 4 is a builder. 4 is also known to be structure. It plays a great significance in the more grounding and material aspects of life.

    5   The 5 starts at the top of the number pulling into One direction, boxing down and curving into the opposite direction. 5 is the number of chaos and to open new doors. The number 5 in Tarot is known as the key holder card. This is to open new gates. 5 is known as the emotional number. To draw a mountain and starting at 1 as the beginning point, 5 would be the summit of the mountain before you go back down hill. 

     6  3+3=6. 6 is double community. 6 is a great number of putting creative inspirations to a tangible manifest. When writing out the numeral 6, you find that it starts at the top and drops down to a full circle. 6 is known to be a number of organization by utilizing a starting point and coming to a full circle of understanding. 6 is organization. 6 is the lovers card in tarot which carries angelic energy. 6 is angelic or etheric. Many people that are sixes find pleasure in arts and crafts. 

     7   Let's take the seven into account of seeing the number as it is. It is the number of higher understanding. Metaphorically drawing out the 7, it seems to look at a subject, coming to an understanding, and then diving to the depths of hell to gain personal perspective or experience. 7 energy carries evolved mystic energy such as a philosopher or an analytical thinker would. 7 energy is highly spiritual and inventive.

     8   Mastery is eight. After the heavy work of an eight, most would find that they have gained power. Business is 8 due to gainful action. The number 8 is known for money, power, and management. If you flip the eight to its side, the infinity symbol is clearly present. As so within, so without is a great source to understanding balance. 8 generally leads to mastery in understanding.

    9   To get a 9, you would have to draw a full circle and drop the line off at the end. A circle is a great representation of fully experiencing or understanding a subject and the line that drops off the end leads to paying the information (just learned) forward. Teachers and Humanitarians generally carry the 9 energy. 9's suit well for wisdom. The hermit card in tarot is 9. Nine energy is also a great reminder of meditation. Many teachers and people that help others need time for introversion to process their next move in life. 

     To utilize this information, write out a word and assign the numbering to each letter through the chart listed above. Add the numbers together down to a single digit and look up the meaning of what the number equals to. The following is an example of the word TREE





     2+9+5+5=21. Now that we see that Tree adds to a total of 21, we would add 2+1 to break the number down to a single digit. 3 is the total of the word tree. The explanation of 3 is community, growth, moving forward, and creativity. Ask yourself if tree seems fitting to the numbering frequency of 3. 


     This is most certainly some great information to get started, but please do not stop here if this is something that resonates to your interests. There is many resources to numbers. Do some research!

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