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What is a Pendulum?

 a body suspended from a fixed point so as to swing freely to and fro under the action of gravity and commonly used to regulate movements (as of clockwork)​

: Merriam Webster Dictionary

The Wandering History of Pendulums and Dowsing

     The word Pendulum is derived from Latin. Pendulus means to hang down. A Pendulum is a dowsing tool that was discovered in the 16th century, (possibly sooner). Some of the earliest uses of this Divine Tool had not much to do with getting a yes or no answer of our daily questions that run through our minds, but to find water or to keep track of time. History has mentioned the story Galileo Galilei observing a lamp swinging from Pisa and discovered "The Law of The Pendulum." He found himself,  (as a Mathematician), embracing the concepts of force and timing. I mentioned the Pendulums use in finding water, this is also a practice known as dowsing. Dowsing is the use of a Y shaped rod/stick or two L shaped metal rods to find water, metals, and even people or bombs.

     The tool that is particularly utilized in Divine practices is a  weighted string. The modern pendulum comes in many styles. The most widely used kind have a chain with a stone at the end of the chain.  Pendulums are sold in bookstores or metaphysical stores. You can also make your own by simply using a necklace with a pendant. 


How Do You Use a Pendulum?

     The following direction on how to dowse through the use of a Pendulum is not the only way. As a matter of fact, many of our practices in Divine Tooling should be performed in the act that is most comfortable to you. It is always good to have a basic structure on how to perform the act of usage with any Divine Tool whether it be a Wand, Tarot, or a Good Luck Charm and to utilize what fits with your personal being as you progress in your experiences with the tool. Creativity is essential when using any Tool of Divinity. Should you FEEL like doing or following something that seems out of the ordinary, try it. It may benefit you in many ways. Where do you think new inventions and ideas come from? Follow what feels good.

1. It may be a good idea to internalize and cleanse the tool that you are putting to use. You may use Non-Iodized Salt, you may put the tool in the ground and allow the earth to cleanse it, you may cleanse the tool with the smoke of White Sage, or even simply use cold water and gently wash the tool. Intention while cleansing a tool is very much useful. Our minds are much more powerful than what science has the ability to measure.

2. Personalizing the tool such as your Pendulum is another great idea! This way it is made for you. Having a relationship with any of your tools adds identity to the tool itself. It shows through the response it may give you. It may be a faster response or a stronger response when questioning the tool. Some ideas may be to energize the Pendulum under the Sun or Moon. Putting the Pendulum in a pile of hand picked herbs such as cedar, rosemary, rose petals, or Lilly petals. You could rub your favorite essential oil or oils on the tool of your choosing. Once again your intentions of how you want to internalize your relationship is strictly for you. This is also how to make talismans.

3. Hold the very end of the chain with your dominant hand allowing the pendant to suspend itself on  the weighted end. Put your unused hand under the suspended stone palm side up. Center the weighted end above your open palm with your hand relaxed hand.

4. Ask the Pendulum "Show me Yes Please" This is where the pendulum should start swaying a circle or line. Take the time out to silence the mind and focus on the movement. When ready to move on say, "THANK YOU" This should direct the suspended stone to stop. Saying thank you is important. You should say Thank you always. Whether if it is in mind or out loud. 

5. Once the Pendulum has stopped through "Giving Thanks" ask the Pendulum, "Show me No Please". The pendulum generally should take the opposite polar direction that it did before. If it does not then you should be satisfied in the uniqueness of the direction that it has decided to take. Take the time out to meditate on the direction that it has decided to take for "NO" and move forward by saying "THANK YOU"

6. Once the tool has stopped, ask the Pendulum to show you "Maybe". Repeat the steps of meditating on the Pendulums actions and to be sure to say "Thank You". 

Now that you have set up and programmed your Divine Tool, it is available to you for questioning. 


      Another use of the Pendulum is to put it over your chakras. By doing this you can witness how strong your vortexes are and it may help you determine which Chakras need some work done. It is always fun to have others to do this with and the results may vary depending on the influences of the energy. Pendulums are a great tool to start with. There is always creative uses that you may make of your own or ideas you may get from others. It is up to you how far and creative you decide to get when using tools in Divine Messaging.

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