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What Are Runes?

any of the characters of any of several alphabets used by the Germanic peoples from about the 3rd to the 13th centuries

-Merriam Webster

The Wandering History on Runes

     Runes is an Ancient Alphabetical System. The word Rune means Secret in old Germanic language. In truth, like most divine tooling, there are many theories on how the lineage came to its structure. Seers of the Pagan and Druidic times would use Runes.  Oracles (whom are high powered Psychics devoted to Kings, Queens, and Priests) would be consulted to better take care of their lands and their people. Oracles were also used for futuristic references. These people are seen as Prophets. The most common story of Runes originates from the Greek God named Odin.

     Odin is a father figure to many involved in Mysticism. The theory of Runes and Odin is stated that he came to a water source, (whether it be a well or a river), and was asked by a higher source to give his left eye for all the Magick in the world. In turn of his left eye, he received a tree inscibed of Runic language that was meant to read like a book. This is the supposed origin of Runes. He then received maidens whom were readers for him of this great tree and told him prophecies in higher understandings, or occult knowledge. The secrets are led to be of great powers through the Gods for the Humans of the World. There is truth to this, for runes are of a rich value in understanding your surroundings, environment, and the messages of what the soul is gifting the conscious.

      The many theories of runes are visible before our seeing eyes. For the levels perceived through this rich text is greatly manifested. During the times of Druids, the Seers would read the coals of the fires. The letters are inscribed in wooden floors of the room you sleep in, the stones of the rivers, the branches of the trees, and even the wind blown sands in a desert carry the infinite capacity of hidden messages. This truth inspires many cultures around the world to the present day. 

A Very Runic Tale

 In order to demonstrate this story, and if you have a standing tree with branches, I would like to ask you to go outside and look for either rune shown exampled above within the branches. Which do you see first? The X called Gebo or the upside down peace sign called Algiz? Hold this observation for you are about to learn about your inner being that strongly collaborates to your Higher Consciousness.

      Amongst the many humans established in this world, you may find that people either protective or are fearless. Some may know that fire burns you (protective), while others find that they must be burned in order to understand the power of fire (fearless). There are many people to this day that express their tattoos through a tree or a wolf. Through observation, people with tree tattoos are Algiz (protective). They are protectors and carry such energy. Algiz looks like a tree itself. The X of Gebo (fearless) is generally the wolf. The wolf is wisdom. These are often people whom learn through experience. Neither of them are more powerful than the other, for people as such are both very gifted individually.


     It is said once through an old friend that in ancient times, there were people of the mountains, and people of the rivers. The people of the mountains were wise within their own being. They would look over the people of the rivers. They were like trees. Watchers of the beings that wavered the lower grounds. They already know of the light and the darkness and carry protection without having to work for it and in turn protecting the people of the rivers. They would observe and be still. Strong and still such as the mountains, these are the trees. Is this a recognition of your abilities in stillness and observance? Of mastery?


      The people of the  great rivers that passed through the mountains were of a level of many experiences. For it is within their nature. They would wither in depths of emotions and would walk the line of darkness and light in order to gain powers of great understandings. They would live like the wolf and telepathically reach out to one another. The wolves of the rivers would strive for depth in wisdom and knowledge for the greater understandings of the future races of the world. The extra sensories would lead to gifts of an empath and would bring themselves to introverted and extroverted levels. Does this pertain to your being?

How Do Runes Work?

      As you can see in the images above, runes come in many forms. Some people find to make up their own rune, or sigil while others find to cross the symbols and ancient scribes through research. The most common Rune is Futhark Runes. It is rich with Norse language and is used on many levels from video games to practices in various religions or rituals. It is also a common level of symbology for the Soul to communicate with the Conscious Self. This is so you may find more value in your current lesson and to connect within. It is easy to research this subject. There are many search engines that provide information on Runes and there are many books that give valued information on this subject.

     You may find runes at a local metaphysical shop or at a book store. Runes are on video games and movies. Runes can be read on stones, sticks, bones, or even carved into any material you choose. Once each letter is individualized, you could put them in a bag or a bowl. Anything that will condense the scribes to the ability of grabbing a handful to lay before you. Place each symbol before you and decode the message that is being said. This is one of many ways to read Runes.

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