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What Is The Soul?

the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life

-Merriam Webster

For Centuries The Soul Has Been Proven To Exist

     Throughout history, repetitive the​ories exist on Soul. There are many experts whom study and evaluate the human  relationship with the Soul by means of science, religion, and spirituality. Yet within many of today's societal standards, the soul is amounted to taboo. It is understood that many perceptions and beliefs are active. Each one of us has had some type of synchronization that brings questioning to the Souls existence. In truth we each bond differently with our Soul. I believe you would not be able to listen to self if it were any other way. 

     Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Edgar Allen Poe, Pythagoras....the list goes on. Many geniuses, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, mystics, artists and everyday people find that they have a soul, and have the ability to connect to it. We all carry a Soul. Some existing names of this connection is called the Higher Consciousness, Enlightenment, Being One, Bodhisattva, Christ Conscious, Light Body, plus many other names depending on your affiliations. There is much on the elements to the Soul, Etheric Double as well as rich subjects of programming your own in this posted link.

       So, how has science proven the existence of the spirit element existing within the conscious body? The video below is on a man named Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. He discovered how to photograph matter of the body that pertains to soul matter. Gas Discharge Visualization, also known as GDV through Kirlian Photography releases from our bodies when we pass away. The coloring emulates through out our life. The study is apparent and is found to be truthful through experimentation. Kirlian photography is a technique used to capture electronic discharge coming from the particular organism that is being surveyed through photography. This method is used in Scientific Research, Parapsychology, and Alternative Medicine. Kirlian was created by accident through a man by the name of Semyon Kirlian in 1939.

Microtubules Hold The Souls Substance

   This is a photo of brain communication amongst cells. It is known in science as Synapsis.The larger green source is our Brain Cells. The arms are called Axons and Dendrites.The Axons are like cables that run from house to house to bring electricity into many homes. The red is the signaling that is creating the message from brain cell to brain cell. The Axons coming from a brain cell has tiny tubes inside looking much like the inside of a cable. These are known as Microtubules. There are direct Microtubules that go from cell to cell, and indirect Microtubules that go from one cell to another place in the brain. When there is a cause in one microtubule that effects an indirect part of the brain, it is called Quantum Physics. The more indirect phase of communication within our brains is believed to be a Greater Conscience or what I like to call the "Souls Substance"  Dr. Hameroff and Physicist Roger Penrose found this to be proven by witnessing a majority of energy within synapsis     

 dissipate when someone passes away. The energy that does not dissipate extends outwards and goes to a different source to exist. There are also articles on this in The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and Season 2 Episode 1 of Morgan Freemans Through the Wormhole "Is There Life After Death?" The following is a publishing by Osho News in November of 2012.

The Soul Is Proven To Carry Weight

     In 1901 Dr. Duncan Macdougall felt there was a need to measure the human soul through soul mass. In the company of four witnesses, Dr. Macdougall would measure the weight of a human body in a living and consciously present state, up unto the last breath followed by death. Upon ceasing for the person to exist, the scale would drop 3/4 of an ounce to a full ounce. It is even said that one of the patients had a soul that would not give up even after the humans final breath. When the soul decided to leave the body, the scales dropped the predicted mass. In turn, this is where the term, "21 Grams" came into existence. Twenty One Grams is the supposed weight of the soul.

What is Divine Tooling?

Divine Tooling is the process of reading ones auric field through Symbology. There is also Astrology that presents emotions within the mind, and soul, as well as external experiences such as how others react to you through their perspectives. Many people use these tools including Priests, Hollywood Actors, Analytical Psychologists, and Holistic Doctors. Through a bit of practice and learning, anybody is capable of learning ANYTHING. .

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