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What are Wives' Tales?

an often traditional belief that is not based on fact : superstition

-Merriam Webster

The Wandering History of Wives' Tales

Most have heard of a broken mirror giving you several years of bad luck. This is a Wives' Tale. The name is said to originate long before books existed and therefore were advisable comings through story telling passed from generation to generation. WIves' Tales are to give us fair warning or advice through historical experience put in context. We all know and live by a few Wives' Tales...or many. Even lies can be held to own up to some truth. As for the broken mirror, an elder through the Nations advised to put the shattered glass into the rivers. The rivers will take the bad luck away, allowing life to flow again. Just be sure to not litter in the river please. Always clean your space after practicing any craft. 

There are many articles on Wives' Tales and how to utilize them. It was much fun researching this subject and would like to pass some personal perceptions. 


Most folks believe that having a silver spoon in mouth is based on wealth, and wealth only. This is not the only known tale behind the Silver Spoon in Mouth theory. At times when people were getting ill with Plagues and Bugs, there were many that were not affected. It is believed that People of a more generous pocket would drink and eat through Silver. During the Bubonic Plague the children and adults of a bonified class supposedly at with all pure silver utensils. In turn, these families did not get sick. By means of research, I found that Silver, Mercury, Gold, etc. has the ability to kill bacterias in cells. With a correct and moderate consumption of Silver, it may have the ability to enhance your health. Silverdene is a substance of Silver for burns, Colloidal Silver is known to kill bacterial agents that may make us feel ill. Do your research should you find this interesting.


The idea of the lie sprang from some form of thought. When a person lies, it is because the lie itself is something they may have wished to happen instead of the latter. A lie may be something you wished to be doing, wished that it was done, or to have for personal keep sake. So a lie is not a perception of bad judgement, but a truth of wanting to experience the lie itself or the experience of what could have been. WIves' Tales are more of an exaggeration. A Wives' Tale is a way to explain experiences. Sometimes using rhyme and reasoning.

Should you actually think of the lie, and your pants on fire..lets try symbols in the metaphor. 

Generally, humanity lies by means of lack of security. A lie is Fear Based. Our security lays within our Root Chakra. Our Root Chakra lays below the the pant line. It rests between our tail bone and anus. The fire is a great representation of burning to renew our sense of security. When you lie, you are bringing a block into your well being. You need fire to relinquish the connections. So, don't Lie!


As a very sensitive highly Empathetic person, I feel energies constantly moving around me. Therefore, I have studied myself in much depth through a mass amount of silence and working with frequencies. I constantly take notice in my words and thoughts, what I accept inside my brain, and the blockages and releases that take action in my nervous system. It is partially why I am doing Wives' Tales. I have found that when my desires are very high, my heart actually hurts. When my desires are satisfied, a release of seeds or energies leave my heart. I actually have wondered if the stress through desire creates the electric pulses that may throw the heart off known as SVT or may cause heart attacks. It is important to not be desiring so much and allowing the divine to pave your path. Dream big, shoot for the sky, but do not allow the emotions of such desires to have an expense on your Heart. 


We have many nerve endings in our bellies. In Ayurvedic Medicine, the tongue is in relation to the toxins that lay inside our bellies. Sometimes when we hurt or Love in an extreme or anxious manner, we get butterflies. This is due to our nerves. When our nerves are penetrated in such a manner, the toxins are released. Our tongues are strongly connected to our bellies and reveal patterns of toxins on the tongue Lets say something devastating happens, it affects our nervous system in ways that science has yet to validate. That is when the release of hormones and chemicals that we embody come into play. Leaving a nasty taste in the mouth. Our stomaches carry so much information. When we comfort our bellies, it makes us happy. Hence THE WAY  TO A MANS HEART IS THROUGH HIS BELLY.


It seems to make sense that this wording is to explain exactly what the wording entails. In truth there is much more to this. I asked, "What Bars?" What are these bars supposed to be? Bars is a form of acupuncture therapy by means of the Head or Scalp through ancient methods. By touching certain points of the head through a healer, you release old energies and shift perceptions. This old medicine is called Bars Therapy. When you SET  YOUR BARS HIGH, you have a change in life. A higher perspective. 


It is known in Natural Medicine that the nose is a means of identity. Imagine the things we see on Tell-A-Vision. The movies where the great wisdom comes sweeping down and plays a role to the main character through reflection and self-actualization. The character of great wisdom touches the main characters nose with a statement of something to do with "YOU" and flies off as the main character is thinking on a self realization. 


This is self explanatory. In truth, the flu entails in bad digestion and leaves you in search of toast and ginger ale to calm the belly. A flu also demonstrates a high content of exhaustion and all you want to do is rest. The body is burning in a most likely case of your fire trying to burn off the cells that are making you feel this way. When a cold makes a presence, your body is constantly fighting the phlegm and the blow of your lungs spewing winds at 200 miles per hour. Naturally you are using much energy. As stated in the first sentence of this paragraph. The Wives' Tale speaks for itself.


      I really want for others to connect in what is truly themselves. If you keep hearing something, or there is a presence, please hang on to your thought in that moment and research the wording or object that comes to mind or what you physically see. Wives' Tales are simply a different tune on symbols. Symbols demonstrate what your Soul is trying to show with as much weight as to what Wives' Tales messages contain. Majority of the population finds messages in butterflies and dragonflies. Research the totem, animal, symbol, color, feather, or number and take recognition in your thought. There is a message in our surroundings every day that we live. Your Soul wants to share with you and deserves this recognition. When utilizing this essence of nature and our environments, our doors open in a whole different world bringing a greater understanding in ourselves. 


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